Summary of vocabulary introduced in this section

Property Description
synBehavior The frame of a lexical entry.
synArg The syntactic slots of a frame.
marker The case or lexical element that marks a semantic argument.
optional Indicates an argument is not required in order to realize a frame.
tree Indicates the a lexicalized grammar tree attached to a frame.
semArg A semantic argument
subjOfProp The subject of property
objOfProp The object of a property
isA The argument of a class predicate
context A contextual parameter on the mapping
condition A condition that can be checked to see if the given lexical entry and reference correspond in the given context
propertyDomain A condition on the domain of the property being mapped to
propertyRange A condition on the range of the property being mapped to
subsense Indicates an atomic sense that composes a compound sense

John McCrae 2012-07-31