lemon drops many elements

lemon has significantly fewer elements than LMF. This is partly due to the use of RDF which generally allows for a much more compact representation of complex interlinked data. We have also chosen to remove all nodes from LMF that are purely structural and carry no information such as SyntacticBehaviour and PredicativeRepresentation (it also appears that these elements may be artifacts of the XML representation). Due to the RDF representation it is not necessary to have nodes that describe links between elements. This means that elements such as RelatedForm, SenseRelation and MWEEdge are replaced with properties in lemon (formVariant, senseRelation and edge respectively). Finally, we found that by using RDF the mapping from syntax to semantics could be represented much more compactly so we have only senses and arguments covering LMF's SemanticPredicate, PredicativeRepresentation, SemanticArgument, SyntacticArgument, SynSemArgMap and SynSemCorrespondence.

John McCrae 2012-07-31