Subphrases as variation

One particular modelling that should be performed as subphrase variation is indicating subphrases. For example we may indicate that “New York” is a subphrase of “New York City” by introducing a property subphrase as a subproperty of lexical variant. We may also use this modelling to indicate some syntactic properties such as the head of a phrase.

:new_york_city lemon:canonicalForm [ lemon:writtenRep "New York City"@en ] ;
   :subphrase :new_york ;
   :head :city .

:new_york lemon:canonicalForm [ lemon:writtenRep "New York"@en ] .
:city lemon:canonicalForm [ lemon:writtenRep "City"@en ] .
:subphrase rdfs:subPropertyOf lemon:lexicalVariant .
:head rdfs:subPropertyOf lemon:lexicalVariant .
Example 27

Note that this modelling is not intended to be used for deducing the syntactic structure of a multiple word expression, as such it is not easy to deduce which words compose the sub-phrase. Modelling that can provide this information is described in section 4.

John McCrae 2012-07-31