Instance of: lemon:LexicalEntry
Property Value
lemon:canonicalForm canonicalForm
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engnetwork
lemon:sense sense
rdf:type lemon:LexicalSense
lemon:isA subject
rdf:type lemon:Argument
lemon:synBehavior frame
rdf:type lemon:Frame
lexinfo2:subject subject
rdf:type lemon:Argument
rdf:type lexinfo:NounPredicateFrame
lexinfo2:partOfSpeech lexinfo:commonNoun
lexinfo2:partOfSpeech lexinfo:noun

Is used by:
Property Value
Is lemon:element of broadcast+network__noun#element_1     More...
Is lemon:element of sister+network__noun#element_1     More...


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