Instance of: lemon:LexicalEntry
Property Value
lemon:canonicalForm CanonicalForm
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engaberrant
uby:phoneticForm /əˈbɛrənt/|/ˈæbərənt/
lemon:sense WktEN_sense_682     More...
lemon:sense WktEN_sense_683     More...
lemon:sense WktEN_sense_684     More...
uby:derivative RelatedForm1
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engaberrancy
uby:derivative RelatedForm2
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engaberration
uby:derivative RelatedForm3
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engaberrance
uby:derivative RelatedForm4
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engaberrantly
uby:derivative RelatedForm5
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engaberrational
uby:partOfSpeech category:adjective


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