Instance of: lemon:LexicalSense
Property Value
lemon:definition Definition1
rdf:type lemon:SenseDefinition
lemon:value engWoman paid to breastfeed the child of another woman.
lemon:reference OW_eng_Synset_44175     More...
uby:equivalent deuAmme
uby:equivalent spaama
uby:equivalent hundajka
uby:equivalent rondoicg
uby:equivalent nldmin
uby:equivalent framère de lait
uby:equivalent franourrice
uby:equivalent tursütanne
uby:equivalent nldzoogster
uby:equivalent mkdдоилка
uby:equivalent mkdдојнца
uby:equivalent rusкормилица
uby:equivalent hebמינקת
uby:index 1103255
uby:monolingualExternalRef MonolingualExternalRef1
rdf:type uby:MonolingualExternalRef
uby:externalReference 1103255
uby:externalSystem OW SynTrans ID

Is used by:
Property Value
Is lemon:sense of OW_eng_LexicalEntry_32224     More...


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