Instance of: lemon:LexicalSense
Property Value
lemon:definition Statement1
rdf:type lemon:SenseDefinition
lemon:value engWord linking two clauses, and referring to (relative to) a previously used word.
lemon:value enghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relative_pronoun
uby:statementType externalReference
lemon:reference OW_eng_Synset_14584     More...
uby:equivalent deuRelativpronomen
uby:equivalent nldbetrekkelijk voornaamwoord
uby:equivalent deubezügliches Fürwort
uby:equivalent frapronom relatif
uby:equivalent spapronombre relativo
uby:equivalent itapronome relativo
uby:equivalent nldrelatief pronomen
uby:equivalent finrelatiivipronomini
uby:equivalent swerelativt pronomen
uby:equivalent vieđại từ quan hệ
uby:equivalent bulотносително местоимение
uby:equivalent khkхолбох төлөөний үг
uby:equivalent katმიმართებითი ნაცვალსახელი
uby:equivalent jpn関係代名詞
uby:index 410183
uby:monolingualExternalRef MonolingualExternalRef1
rdf:type uby:MonolingualExternalRef
uby:externalReference 410183
uby:externalSystem OW SynTrans ID
uby:taxonomic OW_eng_Sense_52681     More...
uby:taxonomic OW_eng_Sense_53053     More...

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Property Value
Is lemon:sense of OW_eng_LexicalEntry_37040     More...


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