Instance of: lemon:LexicalSense
Property Value
lemon:definition Definition1
rdf:type lemon:SenseDefinition
lemon:value engA room at the top of a house under the roof.
lemon:reference OW_eng_Synset_10422     More...
uby:equivalent deuBoden
uby:equivalent deuDachboden
uby:equivalent deuSpeicher
uby:equivalent itaattico
uby:equivalent lavbqni?i
uby:equivalent spabuhardilla
uby:equivalent spadesván
uby:equivalent fragrenier
uby:equivalent danloft
uby:equivalent nobloft(srom)
uby:equivalent ronmansardg
uby:equivalent slkmanzardka
uby:equivalent volmasad
uby:equivalent hunpadlásszoba
uby:equivalent litpalupu
uby:equivalent slvpodstre?je
uby:equivalent estpööning
uby:equivalent islrishæð
uby:equivalent polstrych
uby:equivalent porsótão
uby:equivalent turtavan aras?
uby:equivalent epotegmentcxambro
uby:equivalent finullakko
uby:equivalent swevind
uby:equivalent nldzolder
uby:equivalent nldzolderkamer
uby:equivalent nldzolderverdieping
uby:equivalent spaático
uby:equivalent ellσοφίτα
uby:equivalent rusчердак
uby:equivalent katმანსარდა
uby:equivalent katსხვენი
uby:equivalent jpn屋根裏部屋
uby:equivalent kor고미다락방
uby:index 839560
uby:monolingualExternalRef MonolingualExternalRef1
rdf:type uby:MonolingualExternalRef
uby:externalReference 839560
uby:externalSystem OW SynTrans ID

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Is lemon:sense of OW_eng_LexicalEntry_37158     More...


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