Instance of: lemon:LexicalSense
Property Value
lemon:definition Definition1
rdf:type lemon:SenseDefinition
lemon:value engThe capital of Vietnam.
lemon:reference OW_eng_Synset_38193     More...
uby:equivalent breHa Noi
uby:equivalent afrHanoi
uby:equivalent argHanoi
uby:equivalent catHanoi
uby:equivalent deuHanoi
uby:equivalent eusHanoi
uby:equivalent fraHanoi
uby:equivalent glgHanoi
uby:equivalent hunHanoi
uby:equivalent nldHanoi
uby:equivalent pmsHanoi
uby:equivalent ronHanoi
uby:equivalent scnHanoi
uby:equivalent spaHanoi
uby:equivalent turHanoi
uby:equivalent slvHanoj
uby:equivalent srpHanoj
uby:equivalent islHanoí
uby:equivalent fraHanoï
uby:equivalent ociHanòi
uby:equivalent vieHà Nội
uby:equivalent tglHánoy
uby:equivalent ellΑνόι
uby:equivalent ossХаной
uby:equivalent rusХаной
uby:equivalent srpХаној
uby:equivalent hebהאנוי
uby:equivalent arbهانوي
uby:equivalent pesهانوی
uby:equivalent hinहनोई
uby:equivalent gujહનોઈ
uby:equivalent thaฮานอย
uby:equivalent katჰანოი
uby:equivalent jpnハノイ
uby:equivalent kor하노이
uby:index 506035
uby:monolingualExternalRef MonolingualExternalRef1
rdf:type uby:MonolingualExternalRef
uby:externalReference 506035
uby:externalSystem OW SynTrans ID

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Is lemon:sense of OW_eng_LexicalEntry_5196     More...


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