Instance of: lemon:LexicalEntry
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lemon:canonicalForm CanonicalForm
rdf:type lemon:Form
lemon:writtenRep engaberrant
lemon:sense WN_Sense_674     More...
uby:derivative WN_LexicalEntry_67388     More...
uby:derivative WN_LexicalEntry_67514     More...
uby:derivative WN_LexicalEntry_76408     More...
uby:partOfSpeech category:adjective
rdfs:seeAlso http://wiktionary.dbpedia.org/resource/aberrant-English-Adjective
rdfs:seeAlso http://www.w3.org/2006/03/wn/wn20/instances/word-aberrant

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Is uby:derivative of WN_LexicalEntry_67388     More...
Is uby:derivative of WN_LexicalEntry_67514     More...
Is uby:derivative of WN_LexicalEntry_76408     More...


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